British Water is an association which has a wide and varied membership covering all sectors of the water industry. From consultants, legal and financial partnerships, manufacturers of equipment and multi-disciplinary contractors to SMEs and independent consultants. We work to bring a coherent approach to delivering in partnership with the water companies, the best for the British water industry.

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Indo European Business forum is promoted as an open forum of like minded people who believe in simple truth
“India can offer strong and sustained business opportunity for European Union countries”. IEBF is supported by leading personalities from India and EU from a variety of sectors. Our advisory board consist of people who shape the world.

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BEAMA is the leading trade association which represents manufacturers of electrical infrastructure products and systems from transmission through distribution to the environmental systems and services in the built environment.
We work with our members to ensure their interests are well represented in the relevant political, regulatory and standardisation issues at UK, EU & international levels.

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Since 1978, the Solar Trade Association (STA) has worked to promote the benefits of solar energy and to make its adoption easy and profitable for domestic and commercial users.
A not-for-profit association, we are funded entirely by our membership, which includes installers, manufacturers, distributors, large scale developers, investors and law firms.

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We are the Scottish Energy Association® (SEA), the membership organisation for the energy industry in Scotland, across the UK and internationally. SEA supports power & energy organisations across the whole supply chain.
The interests of our members are extensive and span the entire range of existing and emerging technologies and services for the generation and transmission of energy from renewable, thermal and nuclear forms of energy.

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The Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF) is an international non-profit NGO composed of senior executives and decision-makers heading up firms with energy and power business commitments across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.
We are an active catalyst for positive change with a unique “fraternal” organizational atmosphere. We cover all key areas and sectors relating to power generation: Gas, Coal, Bio-Mass, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Geo-Thermal, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Security, Equipment, Infrastructure, Alternatives, Renewable and Sustainable Technologies, etc.
The IPPF also leads the “New Energy” parade for Energy Efficiencies (EESCO’s), Pollution Prevention (P2/E2), GHG Trading, Energy Security, Waste-to-Energy, Standby Power, Smart Grid, Distribution / Transmission, Restructuring.

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India Electron Exchange is India’s Premier, Real-Time Online Power Market Analytics Solution. Clients: Regulators, Generators, Traders, DISCOMS, TRANSCOs and OA Consumers.
  • All India scenario of Power Demand, Supply Deficit & Surplus across states
  • Renewable Energy Updates and Advisory Services
  • Short, Medium & Long Term Transactions, Procedures and Timelines
  • Grid Frequency Analysis
  • Detailed profile of every Generator selling power in the market
  • Price of Power (Power Exchanges, Bilateral Trade & Unscheduled Interchanges)
  • State Generation & Load Curves
  • Booking status & Congestion in different Inter-Country, Inter-regional and Intra-regional transmission corridors
  • Existing & Upcoming Generation Capacities, Transmission Corridors
  • Financial Health of Power Utilities
  • Benchmarking of Traders, Generators, Consumers and Utilities
  • Regulatory, Policy & Legal Updates of different states

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Sky Management specialises in organizing events for business people & companies. We take pride in providing professional support to our clients which includes market research, trade missions, training programmes and help & guidance to those setting up a new business in the UK.
Sky Management has great experience in coordinating exchange programmes for professionals. We bring professionals from overseas and the UK together to share knowledge & experience in their specific field.

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Facewatch was started by Simon Gordon, owner of Gordon’s wine bar because he was frustrated that his customers were frequently the victims of petty crime and because he wanted to support the Police who found it difficult to solve these type of incidents.
Simon initially set out to create a simple, low cost platform using modern technology that would enable businesses to support the victim and to pass the information they had from their CCTV cameras to the Police to help them solve crimes more effectively. Simon soon realised that the platform could also be used as a powerful tool to enable businesses to share information between themselves thereby enabling them to adopt the measures necessary to reduce and to prevent crime from happening.

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Industry Qualifications (IQ) is an Ofqual regulated awarding body which designs, develops and operates assessment schemes leading to qualifications for individuals. Our capability to design bespoke qualifications offers your business the opportunity to train and certify your staff members according to your personal needs.

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Tragopan Security Solutions is a leading provider of security and safety solutions to public, private and voluntary sector organisations in the UK. We produce custom services suited to our clients’ needs ranging from specialised safety officers and technology solutions to consulting and investigations.

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The IAM is the UK’s oldest professional body for administration and business management and has been developing professional standards since 1915.

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The ISSA-UK was founded in 2003 and has grown to become the world’s largest ISSA Chapter, having boarded over 1,700 members since it began. ISSA have awarded the UK Chapter many awards over past years in recognition of the support and dedication of the management committee.

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TechUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow. The tech industry is creating jobs and growth across the UK. In 2015 the internet economy contributed 10% of the UK’s GDP. 900 companies are members of techUK. Collectively they employ more than 800,000 people, about half of all tech sector jobs in the UK. These companies range from leading FTSE 100 companies to new innovative.

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The India Business Group (IBG) is a leading independant business advisory consultancy. We are based in the UK, with a team of consultants in India. We provide expertise, connections and cultural awareness to help organisations reach new markets and make successful deals, across a range of sectors.
The IBG is led by Amarjit Singh, who has gained years of experience supporting businesses on cross border projects. Over the past decade, we have worked with a range of organisations in their quest to develop in-bound and out-bound opportunities, to include: entrepreneurs, SME’s, intermediaries, listed groups, business families, trade bodies, Government departments and educational institutions
IBG’s core services :
  • Market entry and expansion strategies
  • Partnering, selection and due diligence
  • Location advisory / distribution alliance and planning
  • Cross border transactions, JV’s and M&A
  • Project advisory, development and management

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CyanConnode is a world leader in narrowband RF mesh networks, enabling Omni communications. The Group provides customers with the flexibility and choice required to converge networks for applications in smart cities and IoT, delivering increased customer value.
Cyan’s Ultimesh™ provides narrowband RF mesh technology, optimised for exceptional performance and total cost of ownership. Narrowband networks are low-power and best suited to applications requiring long-range and reliable communications. Cyan’s solutions use sub GHz frequencies that maximise the range of its low power network and provides excellent penetration through obstructions, such as buildings, in smart metering deployments. Cyan’s optimised solutions include hardware, software and network management – by understanding all the elements of the end-to-end solution it enables Cyan to increase the performance of its technology.
Connode’s solution, Panmesh™, is an easy to deploy IPv6 based wireless Neighbourhood Area Networks (NAN). It is a standards-based, highly secure IP-based machine-to-machine platform that uses radio mesh networks to create scalable self-configuring, self-healing and intelligent networks. Connode’s standards-based solutions enable rapid innovation for the implementation of 3rd party applications.
CyanConnode will deliver the first hybrid narrowband RF mesh network, Omnimesh™. It will provide customers with a straightforward technology choice that meets their needs today and is future proof to meet customer and market needs as they evolve. This is only achievable through of our combined technologies, architectures and expertise. Omnimesh™ is enabled by the selective integration of both companies’ solutions and will provide many additional unique benefits, such as enhanced solution self-management.

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Smart Utility Systems (SUS) leads the industry with innovation offering the #1 Mobile - Energy & Water Cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Platforms for Digital Customer Engagement and Big data analytics for global Electric, Gas and Water utilities, thus, addressing global challenges of Energy Sustainability & Water Conservation.
SUS – the #1 industry award winning Energy & Water Cloud Platforms Provider offers integrated suite of smart solutions that leverage technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Principles of Gamification etc. to provide a best-in-class Customer Engagement & Analytics Platform. Our proprietary technology platform is built to support the latest Mobile technologies and IoT Smart Home applications/devices for Residential and Commercial customer. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing back office software, thereby, reducing complexity, time and cost of deployment. SUS has been actively developing innovative, customer-centric solutions that not only help utilities engage and empower their customers but also help in achieving energy sustainability and water conservation.
We also have to our credit several industry accolades not only for over 100+ successful deployments but also for showcasing our innovation and product excellence. Recently we have received the SAP OEM Partner of the Year Award. We have also been recognized amongst the ‘Top 100 Technology Companies’ by Red Herring and honored as one of the ‘50 most promising utility service providers’ by CIO Review Magazine.

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Opower is an enterprise software company that helps utilities elevate the customer experience. Energy providers use Opower’s customer engagement platform to deliver proactive, digital communications that raise customer satisfaction, manage energy demand, and lower service costs. Opower’s software is deployed to 100 utilities worldwide and reaches more than 60 million homes and businesses. Opower was acquired by Oracle in May 2016 for $530 million.

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The ASEAN-UK Business Forum (AUBF) dedicated to promote ASEAN as an attractive investment and trade zone and forging a close bond between the UK.

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Bee Eco are an energy efficiency PPA (power purchase agreement) provider, installer and manager of Solar PV roof and ground mounted arrays in the UK & Internationally.
Fully Insured, qualified and motivated teams of national installers allow Bee Eco to truly provide a bespoke service & solution to clients on a “fully funded basis”. Working with an in house technical team and in partnership with funders, manufacturers and specialists allows us to take a holistic approach to the needs of our customers.
Bee Eco can progress Solar PV proposals from inception and funding to completion and are not limited in the size or complexity of any proposal be that in the UK or Rest of the World. Our service does not need to be “start to delivery” and we can provide just the funding for “ready to go” projects globally.
By examining how energy is used and consumed, we determine a baseline and offer solutions that are effective and measurable.
We also provide a LED fully funded solution that allows companies to reduce consumption, C02e and improve the cash flow of the businesses utility budget from day one.
Our ancillary products for energy management such as IceCOLD® a catalyst for HVACR that guarantees to reduce kW consumption allows Bee Eco to assist clients in managing their all-round consumption. After all, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” Our supported environmental cause in the UK is “Gives Bees a Chance” a registered charity.

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