Speaker's Profile

Ismail Ali Khan
Chairman, Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission

Mr. Ismail Ali Khan took over as the chairman of the Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission in November 2014. Previously, he was member, Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Mr. Khan has about 35 years of comprehensive experience in development planning and policy formulation for integrated development of the energy sector, power sector planning, operations and maintenance of transmission and distribution systems and power equipment, and training and human resource development of middle management and supervisory personnel.

He joined the Planning Commission in 1991 and served in various capacities till January 2014. He was involved in the formulation of the VIII, IX, X, XI and XII Plan and worked extensively in the drafting of the energy chapter covering all the sub-sectors of energy, viz: power, coal, petroleum and natural gas, atomic energy and renewable sources of energy. Other notable achievements include drafting of the report on coal demand to realize the project.