Speaker's Profile

Laurie Reynolds
Managing Director, Aquamatix Ltd

Laurie is a Chartered Systems and Water Engineer; he spent 30 years of his career with Thames Water, the largest water utility in UK, the last 10 as Principal ICA Engineer.

Projects included design of the London Water Control Centre and transformation of London’s water supply from supply-driven to demand-led. Installation of 3,000 flow and pressure wireless monitoring systems for DMA, leakage and demand management. Automation of Mogden STW and other major London water and wastewater treatment plants and several regional telemetry systems.

He was awarded the WRC Water Innovation Award in 1999 for the wireless leakage reduction system, a forerunner to the industrial internet of things (IOT).

Subsequent to Thames Water he worked as a consultant in energy efficiency of pumping systems, pipelines and process optimisation. He was Technical Director of a start-up company developing an innovative asset condition monitoring system for pumping systems which was recognised by the IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) in 2009 as winner of the Robotics and Instrumentation category.

Laurie joined Virgin Media in 2010 to develop an asset standards and investment strategy for all power and cooling assets across all telecommunication sites including three major datacentres, 750 switching hubs and 55,000 street cabinets. The street cabinet asset monitoring system utilised an M2M (machine to machine) solution which then became IOT in 2010.

Having recognised the importance of IOT well before it became the important subject it is today, Laurie set up Aquamatix in 2011 to pioneer the application of iIOT into the global water sector. AquamatiX has built WaterWorX, a modular, open software platform for smart water systems. It consists of a library of intelligent, modular software datamodels representing water assets, including advanced diagnostics, and data analytics. WaterWorX is sold on a SaaS model – SCADA as a Service - and is one of Thingworx Powered-By vertical business partners within the Connected Cities Business Group.

Laurie provides consultancy services on smart water technology, market research and strategy to International Fortune 500 companies, including telecom companies seeking to provide smart water services across their mobile infrastructure.

He is passionate about the importance of interoperability and open standards in smart water and IOT. Standards are critical to enable integration of smart systems with legacy SCADA and enterprise business systems. AquamatiX has led the smart water use case of the Hypercat standard funded by UK Innovate and the SWIM (Semantic Water Interoperability Model), an open standard for metadata developed within the EU Horizon2020 ICT4Water WISDOM project led by Cardiff University, WISDOM is aligned with the BIM strategy.