Speaker's Profile

John Parsons
Deputy Director, BEAMA Networks

John Parsons has a long and varied career in the energy industry having completed an MSc in Gas Turbine Technology, worked for GEC Energy Research, British Gas Research and Technology and BEAMA. During this time he has gained experience of many energy technologies including CHP, fuel cells, smart meters and smart grids. John is a past member of the Council of the Energy Institute, is secretary of the T&D Europe Transformer work groups and a member of the T&D Europe Executive Committee. He has been a project coordinator for European Projects on fuel cells and smart metering as well as coordinator of several UK projects on smart metering and embedded generation. In the last few years he set up groups for In House Display manufacturers and Communications Hub manufacturers. Since 2013 John has been Deputy Director of BEAMA Networks. He now leads all BEAMA work on the T&D sector, covering most smart grid technologies.