India News is the fastest growing Hindi News Channel of repute, owned by iTV Network, one of India’s most successful television network.

India News is amongst India's Top 3* Hindi News Channels, in terms of viewership, in the most competitive genre in the country, that too in a short span of time. India News has maintained its consistency of being in the competition past many quarters and journey continues.

India News continues to grow. Catching early trends and pursuing them, in spite of the then popular opinion being to contrary, has helped India News get noticed in the cluttered landscape and win the trust of the Hindi News viewers, with credibility and integrity.

India News resonates with the Hindi news viewer because it takes up issues which matter to the common people and gets the pulse of the nation right, in the righteous manner.

Mr. Deepak Chaurasia a name to reckon in Hindi TV broadcast Jouranlism is the Editor-in-Chief of India News Group. Under his charismatic leadership and the gift of the gab that made the foray of India News in the list of top 3 Hindi news channels. India News gained reputation of being agenda setter and has been at number three among National Hindi News Channels consistently. His popular image as a very sharp and an aggressive journalist is the logical culmination of the works executed by him.

India News has a dominant presence in the regional news space in the Hindi heartland with its 4 Hindi Regional Channels.

India News UP which also covers Uttarakhand, India News Rajasthan, India News Madhya Pradesh which also covers Chhattisgarh and India News Haryana complement India News’ national footprint.

Crisp coverage, engaging formats and ground zero reporting enable the India News channels, to always get the pulse of the people right.

*Source: BARC; TG: 4+ ALL; Market: HSM; Period: Average (Week 01 - Week 16, 2016); Daypart: 02:00-26:00 Hrs; Impressions '000 (split of 30mins)

The iTV Network is one of the most successful news network in India. With two national news channels India News & NewsX, four regional news channels – India News Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand, India News Rajasthan, India News Haryana, India News Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, two newspapers The Sunday Guardian & Aaj Samaj and various digital assets, it has a reach of 91 million viewers and readers on a regular basis.

iTV Network employs more than 2000 people across 50 bureaus/offices and has more than 106 live video sources and more than 68,000 hours of news video archives.

NewsX is India’s fastest growing English News Channel and enjoys highest viewership and highest time spent amongst educated urban Indians.

Ever since its acquisition by the iTV Network, NewsX has witnessed unprecedented growth.

NewsX is the News Leader and sets the news agenda for the nation, with its crisp formats, straight forward reporting, pointed debates, trending hashtags, and engaging mix of stories.

The Sunday Guardian is the finest Sunday newspaper in India and is sought after by the country’s discerning readers for its engaging content and innovative format.

It is quite common that one of The Sunday Guardian’s Exclusive stories gets picked up by news television channels and finds its way into most newspapers the next day, while trending all day on social media.

The Sunday Guardian 20 is very popular with its coverage of art, lifestyle, technology, luxury and books

Aaj Samaj was the first step of the iTV Network, into media.

It was the first newspaper to be published out of Haryana. Aaj Samaj is a popular Hindi newspaper catering to the informed readers in the state of Haryana and Delhi National Capital Region.

Aaj Samaj delivers a wholesome experience with its innovative approach, extensive research, special pages and unbiased outlook.

Aaj Samaj is a differentiated product that stands out of the clutter.